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As a consulting engineering and construction expert office, we are committed to sharing our knowledge and experience. Whether advising clients on questions about THEIR property or consulting with companies in the construction sector, we have been organizing and hosting seminars, fairs, and lectures for the construction sector in the Balearic Islands since 2005.

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Matrol Bauberatung und Projektmanagement Mallorca


Purchasing an existing property always carries a certain level of risk. Therefore, a thorough examination of the property should be an essential part of every transaction, covering legal, tax, building code, and technical aspects.

In technical due diligence, we examine the property regarding construction quality, building technology, and maintenance backlog, and provide you with a detailed overview of risks and necessary investment costs (Capex), which are further divided into short-term, mid-term, and long-term categories. Subsequently, you will receive a comprehensive report with tailored recommendations for action.

A full technical due diligence is a very time-, cost-, and labor-intensive type of examination. However, time often plays a crucial role, especially when purchasing a property as a holiday home. To avoid relying solely on your intuition, we have been offering a “Property Quick Check” (Red-Flag) for potential buyers for years, which is a simplified form of technical due diligence. The goal here is to identify potential dealbreakers in advance and highlight existing defects and damages in a brief report.

Matrol Bauprojektmanagement Bauberatung und immobilienprüfung mallorca
Matrol Bauprojektmanagement Bauberatung und Immobilienprüfung Mallorca